Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions about Bird’s Nest

Bird's nest soup is a nutrient-rich food, it is located in the delicacy of food dishes reserved for kings and aristocrats used to improve health, enhance physical strength.

1. Bird’s nest soup?

Salanganes also known as oats, only found on the cliffs, caves where the birds live.

The shape of swallow’s nests is like a double cup of tea, taken from the saliva of the bird’s nest and bird nest. Salad of birds nest frozen after being exposed to air, this is organic and in natural form, easy to absorb.

Top 10  Frequently Asked Questions about Bird's Nest

2. What is the composition of Salanganes’Nest?

Salanganes or nests contain nutrients rare, mainly amino acids and proteins. One of the important amino acids, amide, humin, arginine, cystine, histidine and lysine, is believed to boost the immune system, accelerate cell regeneration and anti-aging.

Another important component of Salanganes’Nest should also mention that other types of essential but essential for the formation of the body such as iron, calcium, phosphorus, magnesia … help to quickly replicate and participate. into the new blood formation process.

3. How many types of bird’s nest?

There are 3 different types of oats: white nest, pink nest, nest of blood nest. However, these three types of oats are also classified into two types: natural oats (directly exploited from the natural swallow island by the management company) and oats nest (raised in the house oatmeal). In particular, the nest of nature brings the highest value in both quality and economy.

4. Differentiate the nature oats and swifts?

– Natural swallow nest: shaped like a cup, thick stems and hard feet, only eat food with insects.

– Swallow nest: usually white ivory, slightly thin body, nest quality depends on the area to eat more birds for prey.

5. Why are bird’s nest so precious?

Salanganes’Nest is a nutritional and spiritual value because they are one of the few foods that contain glucoprotein, which is high in energy, easily absorbed by the body.

In addition, in the bird’s nest there are about 31 minerals, minerals and rare elements that help stabilize the memory nerve, enhance the digestive system and metabolism, clean the lungs and muscles. Respiratory. Moreover, swallow’s nests also have the effect of increasing blood pigmentation, reduce coagulation time, restore damaged cells, restore the spring and enhance longevity.

In recent years, scientists have also successfully researched the effect of Salanganes’Nest on cancer treatment and HIV / AIDS due to the fact that some bioactive substances stimulate the growth of white blood cells. in Salanganes’Nest.

Top 10  Frequently Asked Questions about Bird's Nest 2

6. Who should use Salanganes’Nest, who should not use Salanganes’Nest?

Salanganes’Nest is suitable for the following target groups:

– Women: Women are entrepreneurs, pregnant women, middle-aged people, housewives, office workers, women who want to be beautiful and beautiful.

– Men: suitable for all men. – Elderly people: elderly people, people with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, poor respiration, people in the period of health decline …

– Children: newborns, young children, adolescents, children need to strengthen their memory to learn.

– Patients: all people at risk.

Objects should not use Salanganes’Nest:  

Bird’s nest is suitable for most users, even infants, pregnant women and breast-feeding because this food does not cause side effects. Only those who are allergic to the new protein should not use Salanganes’Nest.

 7. Why should women eat oats during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, women often have morning sickness and feel tired, nausea, oat feeding has both nutritional supplement for the baby and reduce the symptoms of fatigue during pregnancy.

Nest not only suitable for pregnant women but also breast-feeding women should use bird’s nest to help children enhance resistance and better immunity.

Top 10  Frequently Asked Questions about Bird's Nest 3

8. When is the best time to eat?

According to the Nutritionists of the Vietnam Nutrition Institute, the best time to eat oats is at an empty stomach, in the early morning and before going to bed to absorb the best oat.

9. Do you eat oat increase weight?

Bird’s nest is a food that contains a lot of nutrients, but you own a natural fat-free sugar, so if you are in the diet and need nutritional supplement, the bird’s oat is the smartest.

10. How to preserve the nest?

To preserve the nest, you should put in the refrigerator at a temperature of 40 degrees C and kept for about a week. If you want to store longer, should blow the fan dry and close the box, avoid direct sunlight.

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